What can I expect?

  • You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect
  • You can expect to know how to complain or pass on a compliment about the service you have received
  • You can expect to be treated as an individual with your own personal values

Our service is currently free of charge; we hope to respond to your enquiries as promptly as possible within the resources we have to run the services. We value feedback from Carers about their experiences of using CASS and use this information to improve our services to meet your needs.

Carers want different things from CASS if we cannot help usually we know someone who can. It is not our responsibility to do everything for you but to assist you by pointing out the options available for you to choose and pursue and for us to explain things that are unclear to you. This is so you can have more choice and control over the things that affect your life as a carer.