On-line Relationship Guide for Carers

Online relationship guide for carers

Click here to open the guide : http://relationships.carers.org/

Carers often find that looking after someone puts a strain on their relationships. It can be really hard to recognise relationship problems as carers may feel that they are betraying the person they care for if they say anything. This might be particularly hard if they care for their partner.

Our fantastic new relationship guide is full of loads of evidence based support to help carers. It promotes early action in relationship support with focus on prevention rather than crisis intervention. The guide has been developed in partnership with OnePlusOne, a relationship research charity.

What’s in the online relationship guide?  

The guide is split into two sections: ‘I am a carer for my partner’ and ‘I look after a family member, friend or neighbour’. In each of these sections there are a number of self-help articles, including: the challenges of being lover and carer, caring for a parent, and how the stress of caring can impact relationships. The guide also contains real-life examples to help unpaid carers cope and is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Who are OnePlusOne?   Click to see here : http://www.oneplusone.org.uk/

OnePlusOne was founded 45 years ago and creates resources and services based on evidence to prevent relationship breakdown in couples and families. Their unique approach is early intervention – they reach couples and families through the professionals, volunteers and networks they turn to for help about other issues in their lives such as parenting or health. They promote early action in relationship support and seek to shift relationship support from crisis intervention to prevention.

Please let me know if you would like any further information. I know a lot of our Network Partners have newsletters and websites so I would be happy for them to use any of this text to include in these. I would also be happy to write something for them.