Protecting children and adults from abuse

The following guidance is provided by Staffordshire County Council…………………………..

What is abuse?
Abuse is behaviour that can lead to harm or distress; for example hitting, pushing, bullying, stealing, neglect, or sexual activity without consent. It can happen to both men, women and children, and in many different places.
It is carried out by different people, but it’s often someone known and trusted.
Recognise it and report it
If you think someone is being abused or you think their safety is at risk, then it is important to report your concerns to a county council social work team.
You must never assume that somebody else will recognise and report what you have seen or heard.
Where a crime has been committed or if you’re worried about someone’s immediate safety, contact the Police by dialling 999.

Additionally, the following link will take you directly to Staffordshire County Council’s own Social Care and Health advice pages

Never be afraid to report it.

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