Carers Workshops

When you’re a Carer, there is a lot to think about. Our Caring and Support Skills workshops look to supply you with the knowledge and support to match those of paid care workers. The workshops are carried out via Zoom and are free to registered family Carers in CASS.

The workshops are tailored to specific caring roles to provide relevant and up to date information for each specialist group of Carers. Each set of workshops is over 4 weeks and covers topics to help your health, finances, community inclusion and support.

Categories and dates for workshops as follows:

  • Parent Carers – Starting January 2022
  • Managing Changes – Starting February 2022
  • Dementia Carers – Starting March 2022
  • Caring Day to Day – Starting April 2022
  • Health and Wellbeing – Starting June 2022
  • Moving On – Starting July 2022

Please note, that these are online Zoom events. Invites will be sent to your email ahead of the designated date and time.

To register for any of our Caring and Support Skills sessions by calling our Carers Advice Line or speak to our Carers Skills coordinator directly on 07740418643. Places are limited in each set of workshops.