A wider understanding of Disability in Staffordshire

A message from Martyn Baggaley – Senior Commissioning Manager, Staffordshire County Council


One of the things I’m looking to do over the next 4-6 weeks or so is to grow the membership of the All-age Disability Partnership in Staffordshire. I’m looking to build the membership so that it’s more representative of a broader range of disabilities than at present, and a broader age range of members if possible – the current membership is predominantly older parents of adults with a learning disability and I’d like to try and broaden that so we get a better understanding of the concerns and challenges people with a physical disability or sensory impairment face too.
More information is available at the link below:  


If you are currently working with individuals or their families that you think might be interested in getting involved do encourage them to get in touch with me – a phone call to have a chat about it is probably best to start with.
I’m really keen to improve our engagement with families and individuals at all stages and this is part of that commitment.
Thanks for your help

Martyn Baggaley
Senior Commissioning Manager
All-Age Disability & Mental Health Commissioning Team
Staffordshire County Council,
2 Staffordshire Place,
Tipping Street,
Stafford. ST16 2DH

Landline: 01785 278985
Mobile: 07583 181593

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