Winter Fuel Payment 2016 – 17

Winter Fuel Payment

Winter Fuel Payment is a lump-sum payment to provide help with fuel bills. To be eligible for winter 2016/17 claimants need to be born on or before 5 May 1953 and normally reside in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

You can find the most up-to-date and detailed information about Winter Fuel Payments using the below link:

The information covers:

• Rates – how much Winter Fuel Payment someone might get.
• Eligibility – which includes how old someone needs to be to qualify for a Winter Fuel Payment
• How to claim –
If someone is not in receipt State Pension or any other benefit from DWP they will need to make a claim
For those getting State Pension or any other benefit from DWP they will automatically get the payment
• Changes – how to contact us if circumstances change.

Currently, many organisations ask customers to phone DWP for queries about Winter Fuel Payments. Recent improvements to GOV.UK mean we would recommend you consider asking customers to go to GOV.UK first. This gives customers the ability to access this information any time, 24/7. Go to GOV.UK and search for “Winter Fuel Payment” to see for yourself how useful the content is.

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