Mr H (64) cares for his wife who lives with Dementia- ‘I feel more positive and able to tackle things, since I spoke with you and came here last month I have been able to look forward a bit more’


Mrs J (77) supports husband living with Dementia (78) ‘Thank you so much for the letter and phone call, it meant a lot as it is difficult to try somewhere new. We are intending to come as often as we can now, we both felt better for coming last month’.


DS of Rugeley says I cannot thank you enough for all your help and advice which I have received on each occasion I’ve rung desperate for help. Having someone to listen to and know who to contact for further information, what my rights are, is vital, when dealing with organisations.

The work and support is vital, helping me in a sometimes lonely environment, feeling isolated – Thank you; please help us, we do need and value you.

Mrs D(64) looks after husband  who lives with dementia (66) ‘We so look forward to these sessions everyone is so friendly, we have made new friends already’

GG of Tamworth said CASS has helped me enormously, without the help of one of your team, I would not now be receiving attendance allowance, for which I am very grateful.  I know there is always help at the end of a telephone, which is very comforting.  I am fairly new at being a carer, so at the moment, life is sometimes like a minefield and without this service, a lot of people would feel very isolated including me.  All I can say is keep up the good work and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Mrs B (81) cares for husband living with dementia (88) ‘Thank you for helping me, so unusual for someone to actually do something and not just give me a leaflet, thanks for bothering’


Mrs T (80) cares for husband living with dementia(86) ‘I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a lunch prepared for me, a real luxury, when you have no-one to even make you a cup of tea anymore’


A CASS Volunteer said  I wanted to give back something in return for all the help I received.


Mental Health Carer says……

CASS has given me the confidence in myself to cope with the situation / person I am dealing with. I am managing better by ‘batting back responsibility’ as much as possible. I feel stronger and more in control and I am less anxious” and “I would confidently recommend CASS to anyone struggling to cope with caring for another person. They provide an invaluable service offering information, emotional support and practical advice. I feel ‘safe’ knowing that in times of crisis I can access help.