South Staffs Community Lottery – special launch prize draw

We have teamed up with Dunsley Hall and Harleys Smokehouse to give away two amazing prizes for our first draw! What’s more, we’ve created some brilliant one-off leaflets just for YOUR CAUSE. We hope you like them as much as we do! Don’t sit on these leaflets, players need to sign up before the 25th November. REMEMBER, you get 30p of every £1 ticket from people who you get to sign up on YOUR PAGE. People sign up as long-term supporters so that means the more people you get signing up, the more 30p’s you keep getting EVERY WEEK. Click on the buttons below to download your own Printable and Emailable leaflets for you to distribute to as many people as possible. Remember, anyone who lives in the UK can enrol to be your supporter so the sky’s the limit! HAPPY SHOUTING!

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