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Take part in an online survey from Healthwatch on Social Care Assessments – it’s quick and easy and could make a difference – follow the link below

The combination of a growing and ageing population, more people with long-term conditions, and a challenging financial environment has placed significant pressure on social care services in recent years.

The purpose of this project is to gather and share the experiences of people who have, or have tried to access, adult social care services for an assessment of their needs. The results of this project will be used to inform the future design of assessment services and how people can access assessments in the future.

The impetus for undertaking this work came from feedback that suggested that people needing to access care services had sometimes facing difficulties both in terms of accessing the system to gain an assessment and in terms of waiting times for an assessment and then subsequent access to services. Healthwatch Staffordshire understand that changes have been made in order to remove undue delays and we expect the results of this
project to confirm this improvement.

Through this project, Healthwatch Staffordshire are looking to:

• Engage the public in discussing their current experiences of accessing and using social care services.
• Understand needs in relation to information and advice about what is available outside of statutory
provision and how they can access it.

For more information email: or telephone Healthwatch on 0800 051 8371

Access to Social Care Assessments

A Healthwatch Staffordshire Project

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