Draft Carers Strategy deadline for comments 22 July 2019

Staffordshire County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Staffordshire have put together a draft Carers Strategy, which sets out their priorities for carers. They would like to hear from carers and professionals what they think of the proposed strategy, and if there is anything else they need to think about.
The responses that you give them through this survey will remain anonymous, and will help to decide priorities for carer services in Staffordshire. This is a great opportunity for you to make your views known, help all agencies involved with carers to identify what works well, and what potentially could be done better.
To comment, please click on the link above to complete the survey.
This survey is open until 22 July 2019.   Please complete this very important survey and help shape Carers Services in Staffordshire.  Thank you.
If you know somebody that might like a paper version of the survey, please contact the CASS main office on 01785 222365. 

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